PERRANUTHNOE is a small village on the South Coast of Cornwall, just East of Marazion, there is a Car Park and sloping access to a safe sandy beach and the beachside Cabin Cafe. It has The Victoria a superb multi award winning pub, which serves super food both lunchtimes & evenings, - a Church dating back as far as 1160. The Lynfield Centre which houses The Cowhouse Gallery, Kernewek Ky, Professional dog grooming The Peppercorn Cafe, a hairdressers and Linen & Clay.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

 The clouds cleared off almost as soon as we got home - but then another lot appeared to spoil the sunset
 Still it was quite a sight, looking out from the top patio


  1. Crystal clear skies and lovely views. In the one of the Scillonia you can even spot telephone poles on the distant hills. I have a question about the lifeboat station that is in the background. Is it still used, or is it like the one at Porthleven which doesn't even have a ramp to the water now, and is some kind of gallery, I think.
    Those belladonnas are very pretty, but somehow quite alien looking. I found them in the cottage garden too.
    I hope Tilly passed her MOT with flying colours. I dread taking our old cats to the vet as there is always something that is found to bump up the bill.

    1. The Old Penlee Lifeboat Station was where on December 19th 1981 The Lifeboat The Solomon Browne left to go to the rescue of the coaster Union Star in a terrible storm. Sadly all hands were lost from both the vessels and the lifeboat house has been left the way it was that night. The replacement Lifeboat and all since then operate from Newlyn Harbour. Most of the men were from Mousehole, so on that night each year the Christmas Lights are turned off for an hour in their memory.
      On a lighter note - Tilly passed her MOT with flying colours, with the Vet complementing her on her good behaviour !