PERRANUTHNOE is a small village on the South Coast of Cornwall, just East of Marazion, there is a Car Park and sloping access to a safe sandy beach and the beachside Cabin Cafe. It has The Victoria a superb multi award winning pub, which serves super food both lunchtimes & evenings, - a Church dating back as far as 1160. The Lynfield Centre which houses The Cowhouse Gallery, Kernewek Ky, Professional dog grooming The Peppercorn Cafe, a hairdressers and Linen & Clay.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Late morning walkies

 We had left the morning dog walk until a bit later as we were heading for the super-big beach and we wanted to be there at low tide. As we walked through the fields towards the car park, this SAR from RNAS Culdrose came racing past us.
 and went round a couple of times - obviously on "a shout"
 Round the church and then off they went
 Couple of minutes later and the Cornwall Air Ambulance came right over us
 and landed on the beach - where I gather a young lady had fallen off her horse - fortunately plenty of room for them
 It had obviously been really busy down there this morning- we then walked right down to the waterline and then East towards Trevean Cove
 Going past the waiting new Cornwall Air Ambulance which is one of 2 MD 902 Explorers - as you can see they had turned off the engine whilst the medics were stabilising the patient and making her ready for transport - which took a long time.
 Zooming in on the old mine addits - still there although the left one has collapsed even more now
 The reason we wanted to go to the beach - - you can only get along to this part of the beach on a Spring Tide due to the massive loss of several feet of sand last Winter

 As you can see Wooster was thrilled to be down there
 and the favourite view from along that part of the beach
 Flying Wooster playing with his "chuckit" ball
 It remains to be seen if we all suffer after them both going paddling etc
 People enjoying the scene from Maen-dhu Point
 Used to be all sand here
 Little Egret came flying past
 The new house from the beach - what a wonderful view they will have
 Unfortunately Jim threw a second ball for Tilly - which Wooster promptly stole - he then had two in the water and wouldn't bring them out - though Jim was going to have to go for a paddle !
 From the Western end of the sand
 The Air Ambulance taking off
 up he went - the beach had been totally sheltered from the wind and he went up and back from the cliff quite a way
 Then suddenly down they came again - causing some concern that all was not well
 But then up they went again - going slowly and backwards for quite a way then off they went
 Do hope that the young lady wasn't too badly hurt and that she makes a speedy recovery
Really busy day in The Cabin Garden and as we walked up the road The Peppercorn was busy as well

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