PERRANUTHNOE is a small village on the South Coast of Cornwall, just East of Marazion, there is a Car Park and sloping access to a safe sandy beach and the beachside Cabin Cafe. It has The Victoria a superb multi award winning pub, which serves super food both lunchtimes & evenings, - a Church dating back as far as 1160. The Lynfield Centre which houses The Cowhouse Gallery, Kernewek Ky, Professional dog grooming The Peppercorn Cafe, a hairdressers and Linen & Clay.

Sunday, 5 July 2015


 Rain first thing this morning, here it was heading off to the East
 Looking much better to the West
 Walkies time this morning
 Still plenty of clouds around
 As we set off on our afternoon walkies the beach was looking busy
 Oh crap !  the cattle are back in the field - but they all ignored us as we walked past
 Nice shadow on the water
 We walked out to Trevean and then turned towards the coast - the wind was rippling across this barley field

 Spotted this in the hedge - will have to look it up in the big book
 Lots of people in the water as well as on the beach
 Acton Castle and Cudden Point
 The light was changing all the time because of the clouds
 Really fast moving spiky looking caterpillar
 As we walked back up the path to Trebarvah we looked down to the busy beach
A little later I noticed that this car carrier Frisia was heading into the Bay - she is at anchor at the moment.


  1. The New York Times had an article today about the Godolphin Arms Hotel in Marazion which was very complimentary - apart from the chilly or should I say frosty service at dinner in the restaurant.

    1. Pity about the frosty service at dinner - it's a super place since they did all the renovations - always a pity if the staff aren't given the training as it makes such a difference. We had a waitress on Scilly, who was in fact trying far too hard and it was just too much - comical really - need to get it just right ! Sue