PERRANUTHNOE is a small village on the South Coast of Cornwall, just East of Marazion, there is a Car Park and sloping access to a safe sandy beach and the beachside Cabin Cafe. It has The Victoria a superb multi award winning pub, which serves super food both lunchtimes & evenings, - a Church dating back as far as 1160. The Lynfield Centre which houses The Cowhouse Gallery, Kernewek Ky, Professional dog grooming The Peppercorn Cafe, a hairdressers and Linen & Clay.

Friday, 13 May 2016


Wooster decided to just look over the wall this morning - It was forecast to be glorious and we had planned to go to see the Bluebells at Enys Gardens - but sadly when I checked online I found that they were closed
The small but very pretty cruise ship Serenissima arriving in the very blue bay  this morning
We decided to walk through the woods at Godolphin to Godolphin House - we met Kate Wiggen with her three Setters
Think this might be one of the Warblers
Just as we were nearing the road we met this "guard dog" with his stick
Beautiful giant Rhododendron in the garden
Super spot to live
We walked down the road towards Godolphin House

and the Bluebells were well worth the visit

There was large groups of local school children with some tents on the field and they looked like they were enjoying themselves
We had a coffee & cake whilst Wooster kept an eye on the hens
Godolphin House
The door into the courtyard

I was taught that you never leave a fire until you're sure it's out 
National Trust are really keen on Barefoot Walking
  All the different types of surface
 and afterwards - wash your feet

Sadly you can't read the signs - but it says make your mud pies
Loved this view
Stunning Camellia
Wooster had a lovely paddle in the stream on the way back to the car

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