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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Tonights Fishing for Leave Flotilla - Newlyn, Mousehole, Penzance and St Michael's Mount

 Good explanation from James Roberts boat owner/full time fisherman - Newlyn  & organiser of tonights Flotilla
A response to a guy wondering why fisherman would want to leave the EU. A bit long winded but this is just my point of view on one subject and just one reason why I'll be voting to leave on the 23rd.
Hi mark. Instead of going into facts and figures I'll just tell you from my point of view as a 24 year old boat owner and full time fisherman. I could also go on for hours so I'll try to keep it brief. Right now I can catch 45kg of haddock for a month. On a good day that's £100. The local trawlers working south of Newlyn are dumping on average a tonne of haddock a day dead, the bigger trawlers a tonne each haul dead, approx 6 hauls a day. The French are allowed by EU law to fish as close as 6 miles of our shore and keep a large amount of haddock they catch, they are dumping haddocks also because of the abundance of them but far less than our boats. Can I also add that none of the boats are targeting haddock, these are all just bi catch. In fact they are trying to avoid haddock as no fisherman on this earth enjoys throwing good fish back over the side. So look at it from my point of view, I'm a single handed fisherman, I'm currently tied up on a spring tide as I fish for monk on a neap tide. When I could be catching haddock on a spring tide. I have a young family, rent to pay, boat expenses etc. not only am I sat ashore worrying about not earning any money, I'm doing it knowing that the local trawlers are throwing away a months worth of haddock for my self, everyday, each! This is not a new practise this has been happening for years now, the entire time I have owned boats. The quotas have only got less, the destruction has only got worse. I now have a chance to put an end to our industry being run by an 'organisation' that would let this continue with no sign of improvement for many years. Despite British fisherman's cries for help. We already know that nothing will improve if we stay in the EU because we as an industry have been fighting for years and not gained anything. So for the majority of us, there is only one way forward. Can I just also add a couple more points. Fisherman don't want to evict all foreign boats from our waters, we just want to protect our productive fishing grounds ( arguably the most productive in Europe, hence why a French boat will travel 24 hrs to fish off our 6 mile limit) and fisherman don't want to completely abolish quotas, quotas are not a bad thing. They are just currently allocated very very poorly, we just want to be able to make a reasonable living and have priority in our own waters, I don't think that is too much to ask. I'm very sorry that is a bit of a read but I'd rather show my view instead of going into to many facts and figures.
 The boats leaving Newlyn - on the Newlyn webcam
 Scillonian III coming down the bay whilst the fishing boats were ion Mousehole and BF37 Replenish waited outside
 Mount's Bay looking beautiful on a fine calm evening
 The Flotilla lined up along the Prom (I think!)
 Heading for Penzance
 Nice evening light on The Mount
 Into Penzance Harbour  wet dock - sounding horns I gather
 Back out again

 James Roberts on Bonnie Grace - the Leader of the Pack
 Don't like the panorama on this camera no options at all
 Across the bay towards The Mount - Mermaid II leading the way

 The Boats from The Mount came out to greet them
 Time to head for Newlyn
Well done James !

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