PERRANUTHNOE is a small village on the South Coast of Cornwall, just East of Marazion, there is a Car Park and sloping access to a safe sandy beach and the beachside Cabin Cafe. It has The Victoria a superb multi award winning pub, which serves super food both lunchtimes & evenings, - a Church dating back as far as 1160. The Lynfield Centre which houses The Cowhouse Gallery, Kernewek Ky, Professional dog grooming The Peppercorn Cafe, a hairdressers and Linen & Clay.

Sunday, 3 July 2016


 Lovely clear morning looking over the bay to Mousehole and General Cargo vessel Hav Dolphin at anchor

 No rest for the farmers
Master of all he surveys !
 Nice low tide this morning
Walkies for me and the dogs down Boat Cove Lane

"The Accidental Swallow" 
How many times have I tried to get a Swallow in focus
Really busy causeway today
Wooster and Tilly having trouble with the Wild Charlock
Had to walk through the middle of a fallen one
Wooster met this young German cousin
No sign of the Hudsonian Whimbrel today - well it was low tide  and it hides amongst the rocks
Wonderful colours today
Quite a few on the beach
Coastguard helicopter came and did a hover just off Cudden Point

Afternoon walkies over the top to Trenow
sun shining on Marazion
 and then shining onto The Mount
You have to be careful where you sit when its rained - or is it a dog drinking pool ?
The way down to Boat Cove
 Boat Cove
Huge dark clouds to the North

Wooster back in his special place

Yes ! it really did look like that
 "Me and my shadow and Tilly"
Incoming cloud this evening
Like a huge fluffy blanket
Forecast not great for tomorrow


  1. All 'bootiful'! what a cracking day,a bit of a cloudy one here yesterday but cloudless this morning.Just looked at the webcams looks foggy at the Minack.Wooster makes a very good 'lookout'...'who goes there? !thank you Sue for your time and expertise ! macca.

    1. Just one lovely day yesterday and back to mist and drizzle all day today - might get a little better tomorrow. Hope you enjoy Jim's Scilly photos now that I have my Fibre Optic speed back. Sue